Diamond Sea (fritzcorner) wrote in nsr_fans,
Diamond Sea

Hey all,

I wrote a story about NSR in my school newspaper at Cabrini College. You can check it out on the web at www.theloquitur.com. Unfortunately when they posted it on the web they put Diesel's name under Danny's picture, but in the actual print copy it's correct.

Anyone going to the show Friday?
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I want to go to the show on friday, but alas, cannot make it. I have to move shit out of my dorm for break and can't drive up to NY and down to south Jersey at the same time. :-(

Like the design? I'm interested in your opinion. And if you have any ideas for stuff for the interests, that'd be great!
i'm from south jersey... where abouts are you?
school at rutgers, home in burlington county, you?
i live about 10 mins from ocean city. . . but i go to school in PA...

got a few friends at rutgers tho (:
I really Would go to the show except that I'm flying back here from CA the next day for that Other show. P.S- Everyone go to it.

219 2nd Ave.
between 13, 14th St.
The Churchills
Orange Park