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No Soap Radio Fans
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This livejournal community is in support of the awesome band otherwise known as No Soap Radio.

This page is to discuss the band, the CD, upcoming gigs, review recent gigs, or just to meet other fans and talk about completely off-topic stuff.

Here's the bio from the site:

No Soap Radio was formed in the summer of 1998 when Danny Roselle was introduced to Jimmy Farrell. The two hit it off instantly. Drawing upon a mutual love of pop/punk music and hard rock, they began writing songs and looking for other kindred spirits to flesh out their vision. Chris O’Hara saw an ad placed in a local music newspaper “looking for a drummer who likes amusement parks and rock music” he jumped at the chance. Jimmy knew Walt Lockhart from around town and recruited with promises of world travel and exotic women…oh, and rock music, too.

Within a week, the band was headed to Charleston, South Carolina to play their first show, as well as dine at their first Waffle House. They wrote two quick songs in the dressing room immediately discovering a live chemistry that remains one of their strongest assets. That, and the fact that they write damn good power pop music infused with punk energy.

Together, they played up and down the East Coast with such national acts as The Tories, The Clarks, Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies, Dovetail Joint, Bare Jr., The Push Stars, John Easdale, Flickerstick, and Butch Walker. No Soap Radio landed the attention of “start-up” indie label, Open Door Records (R.I.P) and signed a deal which effectively tied them up for almost two years. To make a long, painful story short and sweet, they played lots of shows, had a few dinners, wrote lots of songs and watched the label go belly up. Released from limbo in early 2001, No Soap Radio instantly caught the ear of media king, David Chase who featured one of their songs in his HBO series “The Sopranos.” This year, the band is featured in Episode 5 (aired on October 13th, 2002 ) marking their national television debut!

Late 2002 saw a change, as Pete Maresco joined the band on bass. Currently, No Soap Radio are making instant fans of everyone that hears their new material and/or sees their live steamroller of a set.

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